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Welcome to Petrus Toxy Law Firm Official website.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm is established within business law, labor law and tax law.       I have been practicing business- and tax law since early days.
  • Since 2009 I have as legal counselor been practicing labor law in Sweden.                 In early days I did it foremost as pro bono to trade unions.
  • Since 2019 I have been practicing administrative-, and public law in Finland and Sweden. 
  • In specific cases I can represent selected clients in criminal law cases.                       I can not only represent you as your defender in court, I can also carry out legal investigations for your lawyer, who represents you externally in court.                          My legal investigations have led to reduced sentences and acquittals in e g violent crime cases such as in alleged murder cases. 
  • I do pro bono work. During the years I have helped foremost less well-off fellow human beings in varied legal areas, from human rights and labor law to administrative-, public- and criminal law. 
  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm work with few selected clients. To become a client you must be recommended in person by an existing client. 
  •  Since 2019 I have been representing members of an international sphere who have    asked for my legal help after recommendations from saticfied clients. 
  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm come always to its clients.
  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm serve all clients 24/7.
  • As a client you reach me in person by me to you given private VIP number.

Petrus Toxy

Legal Counselor

"I put honor in winning.

My goal is to win, always in all ways."

Petrus Toxy

Legal Counselor

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