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When you are in legal trouble, contact Petrus Toxy.

"I put honor in winning.

I don't perform law as a living, to me law is an art form.

My goal is to win, always in all ways."

Welcome to the winning Team,

Petrus Toxy

Legal counselor

Petrus Toxy Law Firm

Welcome to Petrus Toxy Law Firm Official website.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm, with office in Stockholm, Sweden, is well established within business law, EU- and Swedish labor law, IT law and tax law - both national- and international tax law and which incl. White Collar. In White Collar cases Petrus Toxy Law Firm works exclusively as a part of the defense team.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm practice administrative- and public law in Finland and Sweden.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm practice advance international tax law world wide.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm practice world wide, as a part of  the defense team, in cybercrime cases.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm is a modern and high quality law firm with marked added value in the form of personal commitment and business skills.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm take never a "no" for an answer.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm work with few and selected clients. Petrus Toxy Law Firm have never more clients than all clients get the same 24/7 high-end service.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm come always to its clients, as high-end lawyers always shall do. The most other law firms requires that its clients comes to them.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm serve all clients 24/7. You reach me 24/7 in person via a by me to you given private VIP number. I'm the only legal counselor in Sweden to offering this high-end service to clients.

Petrus Toxy Law Firm News.


"Petrus Toxy Law Firm help persecuted Christians."

Asylum Law and Migration Law.

When it comes to pure asylum law cases, I (Petrus Toxy) help primaly
persecuted Christians to get a) a safe haven in Sweden and EU b) to get asylum in Sweden and EU.

Welcome to the winning Team,

Petrus Toxy

Legal counselor

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