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IT Law

IT Law


IT Law.

  • High-frequency trading (HFT) and market manipulation via HFT.

HFT is a billion USD crime industry.

In US among other countries law enforcement agencies such as FBI battle every day with market manipulation via HFT. The problem is find evidence.

HFT is too complex to grip for common police officer and / or procecutor.

HFT have also few whistle-blowers.

In e g Sweden the law enforcement agencies such as FI don't even see the problem with HFT. Because it's too complex to grip.

Petrus Toxy Law Firm and T Office can help find evidence of market manipulation.

Petrus Toxy Law Firm can help law enforcement agencies, investmentbanks and equity funds who suspect market manipulation to find evidence.

E contrario. Petrus Toxy Law Firm can help your company avoid go beyond the thine line and break the law.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm identifies sophisticated and complex legal issues in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm solve also complex IT Law and High-Tech issues.

If your company operate both inside and outside EU, you will gain of

Petrus Toxy Law Firm knowledge in advance EU Law and IT Law.

The Opt-in and Opt-out that e g Google use are not worth the pixels they are written with on the screen, if a user would take these "agreements" into a court in EU.

Why wait until your company is sued, when you can counter act problems before problems become problems? Contact Petrus Toxy Law Firm, today.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm offers also hands-on knowledge of A.I, autonom systems, Intelligent Software, IoT etc.

When you do legal work it's important know what you are talking about. It's not enough study att law school and read a book about IT Law.

IT Law today is more than knowledge of Opt-in and Opt-out.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm perform legal research and provide legal guidance in complex IT Law and High-Tech issues.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm is the legal partner you need when you write any contract in the field of IT and High-Tech.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm is today the only law firm with inhouse hands on state of the art knowledge in both technical and legal manners, in the fields of: advance cyber crimes, advance cyber security, advance software such as malware, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous systems such as self-driving cars, HFT and the High-Tech of tomorrow.

Welcome to the winning side.

Petrus Toxy

Legal counsellor



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Do you want win?

This is what you get as Petrus Toxy Law Firm client:

  • 24/7/365 - High-end service
  • Your own VIP phonenumber
  • I give you legal holistic approach, which no other  law firm can give you.

My only interest is to win your case - always in all ways.

Petrus Toxy

Legal counsellor

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