Petrus Toxy Law Firm
Legal areas

Legal areas

Legal areas

Petrus Toxy Law Firm offers assistance in various areas of law:

  • Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law.

           I practice administrative law and administrative procedure law in both Finland and Sweden.

  • Asylum Law.

I work exclusively with asylum seekers whose parents have worked for the US in general and or for the CIA in specific, in the War on Terror, and whom now need asylum in EU in general and in Sweden in specific.

Petrus Toxy Law Firm is the only law firm in Sweden and EU to do this kind of legal work for children whose parents works or have worked for the US in the War on Terror.

  • Business Law.

  • Contract Law.

  • Construction Law.

  • Criminal Law.

My speciality is: antisemic hate crimes, cybercrimes, drug related crimes, violent crimes and white collar crimes.

I work pro bono for i.e. hackers who follows the original hackers manifesto.
I do the pro bono work through EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

  • EU Law.

  • Labor Law.

          I have 13 years of experience of labor law from both the employers and emplyoees side.

  • International Law. 

My speciality is: the Jewish State of Israel vs. palestinian-arab conflict.

With that comes my interest in counter-acting terrorism.

I practice International law in EU and have good legal contacts in: several African countries, Australia, Canada, several Central American countries, Israel, several South American countries, Taiwan and US.

  • IT Law.

My speciality is: AI law and HFT.

  • Public Law. I practice public law in both Finland and Sweden.

  • Tax Law.

My speciality is: Advance International Tax Law and Tax Vehicles such as Orphants.

  • I have in 2006 got an alternative Nobel Prize for my legal work which has benefit legally all five (5) official minorities in Sweden.

The distributor of the Prize was: Swedish Public Service / Swedish Radio / SISU

    Counteract problems before problems becomes problems.

    Welcome to the winning Team.

    Petrus Toxy

    Legal counselor




    Do you want to win?

    If you want to win then hire a legal counselor who thinks outside the famous box and who you can straight forward ask solutions to issues that is on your mind.

    Welcome to the winning Team.

    Petrus Toxy

    Legal counselor