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Legal areas

Legal areas

Petrus Toxy Law Firm offers assistance in various areas of law:

  • Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law.

  • Business Law.

  • Contract Law.

  • Construction Law.

  • Criminal Law.

My speciality is: cyber crimes, drug related crimes, violent crimes and white collar crimes. 

Since 2019 also alleged traffic crimes related to motorcycles has become a speciality of mine. 

I work pro bono for hackers who follows the original hackers manifesto.
I do this pro bono work through EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

  • EU Law.

  • Labor Law.

  • International Law. 

I practice International law in EU and have contacts in: several African countries, Australia, Canada, several Central American countries, Israel, selected countries in the Middle East, several South American countries, Taiwan and US.

  • IT Law.

  • Public Law.

My speciality is: Advance International Tax Law and Tax Vehicles such as Orphants.

    Petrus Toxy

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    Petrus Toxy

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