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Tax Law

Tax Law

International individual taxation:

• International income taxation and wealth taxation;
• Application of double taxation treaties and specific Swedish tax regulations (such as the ‘expert tax’ regime and special income tax for non-residents);
• Tax computations for individuals.

M&A and Private Equity:

• Fund structuring;
• Acquisition and exit structuring;
• Tax due diligence;
• M&A insurance;
• Management participation programmes and incentive programmes;
• Ownership issues;
• Portfolio company management;
• Day-to-day advice.

Real-Estate Taxation:

• Day-to-day advice on tax law, specialising in property-owning companies;
• Tax due diligence in property transactions;
• Structuring before sale and acquisition of properties;
• Preparation of tax computations and income tax returns;
• VAT issues applying specifically to the construction and real estate sector;
• Property taxation;
• Advice on optimum apportionment of investment costs for tax depreciation purposes.

Swedish and International Corporate Taxes:

    Day-to-day tax advice focusing on construction and real property companies;
    • Advice on the acquisition and sale of companies and real property;
    • Structuring and implementation of reorganisations focusing on real property;
    • Group taxation;
    • International tax structuring;
    • Tax returns and tax compliance.

    Tax disputes:

    • Replying to questions from the Tax Agency and assistance in tax audits;
    • Strategy and statements submitted in tax disputes;
    • Acting as your counsel before the tax courts;
    • Applying for advance tax rulings from the Council for Advance Tax Rulings;
    • Assisting in seeking letter rulings from the Swedish Tax Agency;
    • Drafting written inquiries to the Tax Agency.

    Transfer Pricing:

    • Implementing and structuring transfer pricing principles;
    • Preparing tailored documentation;
    • Benchmarking;
    • Preparing intra-group agreements;
    • Valuing intangibles;
    • Financial solutions and models.

    Transaction services:

    • Pre-acquisition due diligence;
    • Vendor due diligence;
    • Vendor assistance;
    • Purchase price mechanism advice;
    • SPA support;
    • Financial modelling services;
    • Valuation services.

    VAT and other indirect taxes:

    • Advice on transactions and restructuring;
    • Mapping and analysis of flows of goods and services;
    • Reducing VAT costs;
    • Preventative steps to improve and rationalise VAT procedures;
    • Rationalising processes for reporting and internal control;
    • VAT representatives for foreign enterprises.

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