You get what you pay for. Knowledge cost.


  • Labor law has a normal hourly rate.

  • In Stockholm, Sweden, normal hourly rate for legal services starts from

200 USD / hour excl. VAT.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm hourly rate is 300 USD / hour excl. VAT.


  • Comercial law has a normal hourly rate.

  • Petrus Toxy Law Firm hourly rate is 300 USD / hour excl. VAT.

The hourly rate refers to work during non-holiday weekday from 08:00 am to 17:00 pm.

Petrus Toxy Law Firm always work according to our customer needs, what ever place on the earth, what ever day of the year, whatever time of the day.

Supplement charge occurs with 50% for work non-holiday weekday* before 08:00 am and after 17:00 pm, and major holidays with 100% from 00.01 am to 23.59 pm **.

When I work abroad costs for travel and accommodation will be added.

*  In Petrus Toxy Law Firm sunday is the first working day of the week. In Israel I don't take any supplement charge on Sundays.

** incl. Friday after 12.00 pm. 


  • Fixed price can be provided for certain services.

Labor law

  • Verification of your firms employment contracts. A monthly fixed fee can be provide.

  • Inhouse services. A monthly fixed fee can be provide.

  • The longer contract you sign with Petrus Toxy Law Firm, the better fixed price you get. Minimum contract period runs for one (1) year.

Private clients

  • Inhouse services. A monthly fixed fee can be provide.
  • Spinndoctor. Do you need a private spinndoctor in advance legal cases in the fields of Business Law, International Tax Law and IT Law? A monthly fixed fee can be provide.

Welcome to the winning side,

Petrus Toxy


Panama leak

The Panama leak raises the issue of IT security.

If you hire Petrus Toxy Law Firm, your name will not end up in the news.

Petrus Toxy Law Firm use Advance Network Security measures, which you will not find in other law firms or even at banks.

With Petrus Toxy Law Firm and the subsidiary company T Office your identity is 100% hacker-safe.

Petrus Toxy

Petrus Toxy have since 1989 been a trusted client of Swedbank.