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Pro Bono

Pro Bono

Pro Bono

Provided only in Sweden.


Pro bono areas:

1) Official minorities.

In Sweden there are five official minorities.

I direct my pro bono for Swedish-Finnish children's right to learn finnish in Sweden.

The Swedish state has a long history of forcing Finnish-speaking children to learn only Swedish by various means.


2) Fathers whose children have been abducted, and where the perpetrator is the mother.

I know from my own experience how passive the Swedish state is when children is abducted by their mother. I know how painful it is for the children and for you as a father. 

Without good legal help, you as a father are in these cases in Sweden completely without any chance to see your children again. Ins

3) Hacktivists

Petrus Toxy Law Firm offers through EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, pro bono help to hacktivists.

Pro bono is offered to hacktivists, who follows the original hacker's manifesto and who in their deed work for the Western democracy and freedom of speech.

4) Persecuted Christians.

Petrus Toxy Law firm helps persecuted Christians around the world.

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Pro Bono Publico

Good legal practice invites a lawyer to work pro bono.

Good legal practice states that a lawyer must work pro bono at least 50 hours / year.

Pro bono is Latin and means "for the common good".

Pro bono means that a lawyer actually works for free.

The purpose of pro bono is to help those who are otherwise without legal assistance.

Each lawyer decides what they want to put their pro bono on.

Petrus Toxy Law Firm performs Pro Bono after paying customers have receive help.

This means that Pro Bono customers can't request the same 24/7/365 service as paying customers.

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